Elson HallOhio UniversityZanesville, OH

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SIZE: 40,000 SF COST: $6.8 million COMPLETION DATE: 2009

Elson Hall at the Ohio University Campus in Zanesville was built in the 1960’s. It received a renovation of the first floor administration, computer lab, faculty and staff offices and some general classrooms several years ago. Unfortunately, the second floor academic rooms remained untouched from its original construction.  

In 2008, FMS Architects led the Dean, a team of professors and staff to design a three phase master plan for the second floor.

Phase 1 was completed by the end of 2009, just in time for the beginning of Ohio University’s winter quarter academic schedule. Phase I included four new 1,000 square foot labs for Biology, Micro-biology/Zoology/Plant, Inorganic Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Support spaces such as faculty Offices, Research Labs, Preparation Rooms, Glass Labs, General and Chemical Storage areas, an Herbarium and an Isolation Room were also constructed during this phase.

Because the building was fully occupied while under construction, during the planning and construction for Phase I, we worked closely with the facility/maintenance staff and classroom scheduling staff to stage construction such that classes and building operations could continue safely and efficiently. ‘Room swapping’ occurred in several areas. For instance, an underutilized and awkwardly planned 1st floor classroom was split into two functional rooms- perfect for moving and expanding the compressed video classes from their outdated location on the 2nd floor. This allowed for the 2nd floor space to be cleaned up and repurposed into a classroom replacing one that was consumed by ‘wish-list’ research labs requested by the science professors.